Gedit Material Theme

A fork of Gedit Material Theme by Marco Bonomo which was a clone of Sublime Text Material theme by Mattia Astorino.


At first, play this command on your terminal:

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/gedit/styles
wget -O ~/.local/share/gedit/styles/material-theme.xml

Now open Gedit Text Editor and go to Edit > Preferences > Font & Colors. Check the Color Scheme list and select Material Theme. That's all!


Let's install Gedit Plugins by running this command on terminal:

sudo apt-get install gedit-plugins
sudo pip install pyflakes

Now open Gedit Text Editor and go to Edit > Preferences > Plugins. I recommend to enable these plugins, specially if you are a Python programmer:

  1. Better Python Console
  2. Bracket Completion
  3. Check Python
  4. Code Comment
  5. Color Picker
  6. Commander
  7. Copy File Path
  8. Dashboard
  9. Document Statistics
  10. Embedded Terminal
  11. External Tools
  12. File Browser Panel
  13. Find in Files
  14. Folding
  15. Git
  16. Indentation settings
  17. Insert Date/Time
  18. Join/Split Lines
  19. Modelines
  20. Multi Edit
  21. Python Console
  22. Quick Open
  23. Smart Spaces
  24. Snippets
  25. Sort
  26. Spell Checker
  27. Text Size
  28. Word Completion


By this time, there is no way of auto-update. But you can always update the color scheme manually. Please check the repository frequently (weekly/monthly). If you find any new commit has made, then close your Gedit Text Editor and just run the installation command on terminal:

wget -O ~/.local/share/gedit/styles/material-theme.xml



CSS  in action with Gedit Material Theme


JavaScript  in action with Gedit Material Theme


Python in action with Gedit Material Theme